The First Incident — Frightened Rabbit

The weather turns. The trees stop providing shade and start providing shelter, though fat drops still find their way through the cracks in the green and just as I look up to see how dense our leafy umbrella is one fat bastard squeezes his way through and splats in my eye. I swear violently, you turn to me and ask if I’m OK – and I am.

We stay standing close together as the branches are more densely packed by the trunk, but the moisture in the air and the trickles from above keep us feeling damp. If we were to touch the current from the sparks would envelop our skin. In the distance a low growl of thunder yearns to be felt and we realise simultaneously that this isn’t just a brief shower and this isn’t just a moment – we both comment on how close it is, except I was talking about the anticipation, and the way your eyes linger on mine and glance at my lips before you hurriedly turn away amps up the voltage and I think if we kissed now we’d light up a fucking village.

I produce a fresh packet of cigarettes from my pocket and peel off the film, open the lid and rip out the foil, holding out the opened box to you. Your wet fingers struggle to find purchase on the tightly packed Marlboros so I go to take one out for you and our fingers brush against one another. I hear myself apologising and prepare to offer an explanation but suddenly you grab my wrist and I look down at my arm, your hand, your face and your eyes are burning me to my fucking core and it feels like the longest pause in the world but I’m scared because I don’t want to do it wrong and suddenly I feel incredibly sick and my heart is about to explode and I move my head through air,water,treacle and time and space and –

Our lips meet and we kiss.

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