Oblivion — Grimes

dirt bikes scream over muddy dunes drivers bouncing off the hard seats sperm counts dwindling the crowd insists on cheering so they must continue riding popcorn hotdogs ketchup nachos drooling down their xl vests greasy hair frothing as they roar and boo and cheer and hiss to anyone watching its clear what the real spectacle is but that irony is lost on all involved all except her she looks through her wry lens a kaleidoscope twisting the scene into blues and reds and pinks and golds with her blonde hair and pale skin she could be a ghost but oh how she blends in with those ripped jeans and frayed denim sleeves glass beer in hand she laughs and drinks and smokes like they do she is a desert rose and they are the desert storm and i can’t help but think of her as i write this standing in that redneck arena singing like an angel every time i think of her i picture turquoise black skeletons ruby encrusted eye sockets diamond teeth it’s a real mexican day of the dead horrorshow all it needs is a drawing of a man with the brimmed hat but thats the wrong show different time different place etc i dont have time for that now the engines scream and the riders are off once again the lime green dark blue muddy white helmets are obscuring their faces but i bet theyre looking at her i know i would be its fitting shes a canadian in this american dream an outsider an otherworlder just like me just like you just like us just like them the star spangled banner blows behind them like a cape choking the world on its right to be here the exhaust fumes are killing the future but we must be entertained we must be entertained we must be entertained there are children here who must be educated about their right to be entertained their right to rule their white privilege their class structures their black heritage their gender tropes and everything it means to be an american watch a canadian watch the americans play

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